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In a highly fragmented market research ecosystem, Lonergan Field Services provides an end-to-end solution for all your fieldwork needs.

Our Fieldwork Services give you the flexibility to select any combination of approaches you require. We can design and manage your entire fieldwork project or any individual aspect of it.

Some of the services we offer include: qualitative recruitment, CATI and face to face interview services and we have our own Focus Group rooms. We are second to none in the diversity target groups we have access to and regional reach of both our recruitment and interviewing services.

Why choose us?

We recruit any type of respondent, Australia wide, for focus groups, in depth interviews, product tests, cognitive interviews and any other qualitative requirement. We have a proven track record of recruiting hard to find respondents in the consumer and business sectors. We pride ourselves on our ability to frequently recruit respondents who fall below 2% incidence levels. Our team is committed to providing respondents for our clients who are 100% on spec. Daily updates means you always know the status of your recruitment project with no surprises. You only get charged for respondents who attend their appointments. 

Our interviewing teams are ISO 20252 trained and highly experienced. We regularly conduct face to face interviewing across Australian covering a range of sectors. For some projects we understand that a telephone approach may be preferred such as for harder to reach targets or where more personal issues are being discussed. Our CATI system allows for ‘live’ sampling and data handling issues. 

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Mystery Customer

Mystery shopping is an excellent way to assess how your sales and service teams are performing in real situations – either as a stand alone feedback component or as part of a larger service and customer experience / customer journey review. Lonergan has a partner company Mystery Customer which runs a panel of over 40,000 experienced mystery shoppers in Australia and New Zealand. Our clients include cafes, restaurants, retailers (large and small), car manufacturers (showrooms), entertainment venues, local councils and many more.