New Amazon Research: Dogs are a workers best friend

Do you wish you could take your dog to work with you? Amazon partnered with Lonergan Research to support the extension of their Dogs at Work program in Sydney, and the launch of their rooftop playground to exercise canine companions.

Their research sought to find out just how many Australians and dog owners said yes, I do wish I could take my dog to work with me, how it would affect them in the workplace and what some of the preventing factors would be (outside of the office saying no).

  • 64 per cent of dog owners are likely to bring their dogs to the office if workplace policies allowed them.
  • 62% say it would make them more inclined to work for an organisation.
  • When talking what would prevent them taking their dog to work: Dog Owners worry that their workplace isn’t set up for dogs (58%) and that there’s no nearby park or open space for their pooch to enjoy some fresh air or do their ‘business’ (28%).

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