ELMO Software’s Employee Sentiment Index (ESI)

Since early 2021, Elmo Software has partnered with Lonergan Research to create a quarterly index that interrogates the current state of the worker in Australia and New Zealand – the Employee Sentiment Index (ESI).

The ESI shows how Aussie and Kiwi workers have felt about their work in the last 3 months - things like the opportunities provided them, any job seeking activity, pay rise expectations, burnout and motivations, concerns economy and job market, and uniquely topical issues each quarter

Some of last waves (Q3 2023) key findings were:


  • The perception that the economy is not secure in the eyes of Australian workers has dropped nine percentage points since Q2. (Q3 2023 35%; cf. Q2 44%)
  • Two fifths (40%) of Australian workers say the demands of their role has increased over the past three months, and a quarter (24%) of workers say the amount of work they have is a reason they aren’t taking annual leave. This is likely contributing to the more than three weeks of annual leave the average worker has accrued.

New Zealand

  • Half (50%) of NZ workers took annual leave over the last 3 months, a drastic increase from the third (32%) that took annual leave this time last year and a noticeable increase from last quarter (44%).
  • Close to two thirds (63%) of NZ workers believe they are paid fairly for their work, increasing since Q3 (60%) back near the peak at Q4 2021 (63%)