Is it early to bed, early to rise? Hilton Sleep Research

Do you take action to try and achieve a good nights sleep? Lonergan worked with Pepr Agency and Hilton Australasia to find out the sleep habits and preferences of Aussies. both when travelling and at home

Pepr and Hilton partnered with Lonergan Research to explore Australians’ sleeping behavior, including its quality and the actions taken to ensure a good night's sleep. They also examined sleep behaviours, actions and influences when travelling and staying at a hotel to create the Hilton Sleep research report, that appeared in a speciality publication (link here).

Some of the key findings were:

  • Two in five Australians don’t get enough sleep, with 39% reporting 6 hours or less sleep a night.
  • 62% rank a good night’s sleep as one of top three requirements for an enjoyable hotel stay.
  • 22% specifically look for blackout curtains and soundproofing when booking a room.