How do Australians feel about AI? AI research with News Corp

How Australians feel about Artificial Intelligence (AI) – certainly a hot topic, and one we recently worked with News Corp to explore.

We asked over 1,000 Australians their opinions about AI – and it would seem they are quite evenly split. While 44% believe advances in AI would have a net positive impact on society, the exact same portion, expect a net negative impact.

And almost 70% feel the pace of AI development should slow down, believing Australian companies should agree to pause AI development until governments could catch up and implement AI regulation.

We also asked respondents to identify whether a passage of text was written by a human or by an AI chatbot and we found 60% of Australians were unable to correctly identify the right paragraph – with one-in-five (20%) admitting they didn’t know, and two-in-five (40%) selecting the wrong answer.

You can test your own powers of AI-detection on the passage of text within the Courier Mail article here.

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