ServiceNow explores NZ customer service trends

Feel like you’re taking more time dealing with customer service teams, whether its fixing issues or making a complaint? Interestingly, our annual research with ServiceNow shows that exact thing – their 2024 Customer Experience Intelligence Report for New Zealand found Kiwis spent 22.3 million hours “on hold” making complaints or trying to resolve issues in 2023, 13% higher than the previous year.

Lonergan Research worked with ServiceNow on the second installment of the New Zealand tracking research, exploring the customer experience with customer service teams when working through resolving issues and complaints. The year-on-year data allows ServiceNow to talk to trends and changes over the last 12 months. This wave also included a section on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to uncover the level of consumer trust in the technology, as well as expectations that AI can be more helpful in resolving customer service issues.

 The report launch resulted in articles in media outlets such as The Post, Scoop and an interview on Newstalk ZB during The Mike Hosking Breakfast.

 A few of our key findings are:

  • New Zealanders spent 22.3 million hours on hold to make a service complaint or resolve an issue in 2023, 13% higher than last year’s 19.7 million
  • The time spent on hold during work hours equates to NZD $167 million in lost productivity.
  • Three in five New Zealanders (64%) will buy and spend less or search for better offers (57%) in response to rising costs.