Working longer but lighter: Amazon Australia research on pre-retirees

We recently worked with Amazon Australia, who also partnered with demographer Bernard Salt, to explore how pre-retirees are reimagining work in what they termed the “Lifestyle Years.”

The report found there are many reasons Australians continue to work between the ages of 55 and 69, ranging from financial security to a desire to stay active and connected.

They are looking for more flexible options in careers that keep them active and align with their passion.

The report also found that that because of wanting to work longer but lighter, nearly a quarter (24%) of over 55s have had a career change in the last five years.

This shift is due to their desire to:

• have less stress (33%)

• have a change of pace (28%)

• give back and stay connected to the community (26%); or

• stay active (18%)

You can read Amazon’s Australians at Work: Over 55s report here and an article in The Age on the report findings here.