Our Research Panel

Lonergan Research is always on the look-out for enthusiastic individuals to join our research panel , where you can be rewarded for giving us your opinion, via interviews, focus groups or online surveys.

Research sessions are conducted in person at our Sydney CBD offices or other locations around the country. Many are also conducted virtually so you can be located anywhere. 

If you qualify for a research session you can accept or decline to participate. It’s totally up to you. You will be rewarded for your participation through either cash into your bank account or via gift card or voucher. This depends on our clients’ request. 

All your information is kept confidential, see our privacy policy. Sign up below or read FAQs if you have further questions. 

Become a Mystery Shopper

Our partner company Mystery Customer is always looking for new shoppers. 

As a registered shopper you will have access to nationwide phone and online assignments as well as onsite mystery shops within your local area.  All jobs are displayed on your home page on our website. You contact or visit the assigned location, complete your written survey and upload onto our website.  

There are loads of shopper assignments to select from each month from clothes stores to gyms, cafes and restaurants. You can even test drive a new model car. Shoppers can choose to complete as many or a few assignments as they want, there is no minimum. The payments, reimbursements for purchases, and complexity of the assignments vary.  It is a great way to earn extra cash or have a free fun outing.  

Visit our partner’s website Mystery Customer for more information or sign up as a shopper below.