PR & Communications Research

We work with Australia’s leading brands, public relations agencies and communications professionals to develop successful, data-fuelled media and PR content. 

We are different from most other research consultancies - we have a dedicated PR & Communications research team, led by a former PR & Marketing Communications professional.  

This ensures our ability to build research that is both statistically sound but also meets your communications objectives.

As a result of our unique approach and years of experience, we believe we are the most published research agency in Australia.

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Why choose us?

Lonergan is far more than the average research consultancy – with our unique approach and dedicated PR & Communications research team, we will collaborate with you in building the best research and insights to support your communications goals.

Our Approach

Creative Collaborationarrow_outward

Where we work with you to develop the research topic and storyline based on our understanding of the media and content landscape, your communications goals and our experience in PR & Communications.

Research Consultancy

Where you benefit from the wealth of our research experience and our technical expertise in building research models, questionnaires, data analysis and reporting.arrow_outward

Our Three Types of PR & Comms Research

Basic Omnibus
  • Fixed nationally representative sample of 1000 Australians 18+
  • Recommended for up to 5 questions 
  • Quick turnaround - in field by Friday out by Tuesday
  • Runs weekly (48 times a year) 
  • Lowest cost
  • Topline reporting
PR Express
  • Customisable sample that meets your needs, excellent value if you’ve defined your research topic and have initial draft questions 
  • Lonergan will collaborate with you to optimise your questionnaire for the best media, marketing or PR outcome
  • Fieldwork to run to your timeline
  • Topline reporting or option for full report 
  • Post research support
PR Full Service
  • Customisable sample that meets your needs with highest level of support from our team 
  • Lonergan will provide strategic research guidance to meet your communications objectives. 
  • Questionnaire development, including research territories and full questionnaire design. Ideation brainstorming if required.
  • Fieldwork to run to your timeline
  • Full report 
  • Comprehensive post research support

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