Driver Analysis

Uncover which variables impact on customers and drive satisfaction and change


Driver analysis is a statistical technique that aims to quantify the importance and influence of various factors on a particular outcome such as customer satisfaction or net promoter score (NPS). It allows you to uncover the underlying drivers behind consumer preferences, satisfaction, or behaviour.

Traditional methods of understanding importance involving asking survey respondents how important various factors are to them. While stated importance can be useful, driver analysis produces derived importance that reflect actual customer preferences and intentions.

At Lonergan Research, we employ advanced driver analysis techniques to produce actionable insights that drive decision making.


Our driver analysis methodology:

  1. Data Collection: Rating (Likert) scales are the most common questionnaire format for collecting driver analysis data through surveys. We also can conduct driver analysis on more custom performance measures.  
  2. Statistical Modelling: We employ a host of advanced regression techniques (linear, ordered logit, negative binomial, Poisson) applied to a range of algorithms, (Shapley regression, Johnson’s relative weights) tailored to the question and relevant statistical assumptions.
  3. Insights & Recommendations: We interpret the results of the driver analysis, providing you with actionable insights and strategic recommendations.



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