TURF analysis

Uncovering growth opportunities in competitive markets.


TURF analysis (total unduplicated reach and frequency) is a statistical technique used to determine the reach and overlap of different products or services within a target market.

TURF analysis is designed to convey the greatest proportion of your customers that like at least one in a range of product offerings. This is a statistically sound approach compared to simply ranking preferences, which may not necessarily give you the optimal combination to maximise reach and minimise overlap.

At Lonergan Research, our expertise goes beyond analysis, providing clear practical recommendations to guide your market expansion and growth strategies.


Our TURF analysis methodology:

  1. Define Offerings: We work closely with you to define the distinct products or services within your desired target market.   
  2. Data Collection: We collect data through surveys to determine usage or preference among customers.  
  3. Analysis & Calculation: The TURF analysis methodology involves calculating total reach and total frequency of various product/service combinations.
  4. Insights & Recommendations: We go beyond the analysis and provide insights on optimal product portfolios and a deeper understanding of substitution between products in your range.



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