We are driven by success.
We collaborate closely with clients

We raise the power and meaning of insight to drive commercial impact

Our broad toolkit of research and consultative services is framed around 4 strategic questions, which are part of a planning cycle…:

Our areas of expertise are:

Analytical techniques

  • Brand positioning and tracking
  • Choice modelling
  • U&A and market segmentation
  • Concept testing
  • Pre-testing
  • In-house product trials
  • Pricing studies
  • Communications evaluation

Qualitative approaches

  • In-person and online focus groups
  • Forge groups
  • Ideation workshops
  • In-situ ethnography and culture studies
  • Expert and in-depth interviews
  • Trends exploration
  • Market mapping
  • Ideation workshops

Quantitative approaches

  • Online research panel (small scale in-house)
  • CATI (small scale in-house)
  • Online programming
  • VATI / robo-polling

Big data

  • SQL/database analytics
  • Data mergers
  • Cookie and pixel tag processing
  • Branded content ROI

10 questions we’ve helped our clients answer

How do we…

  1. identify key growth segments to target through a mid-term strategy?
  2. clarify the brand positioning and customer value proposition to drive market share?
  3. envisage the future of our category and bring consumers along with our vision?
  4. uncover the best new product idea to drive growth and identify the size of the prize?
  5. calculate the ROI of our branded content campaigns?
  6. defend market position and buttress our flagship service offering against encroaching competition?
  7. identify and leverage core operational efficiencies to minimise production costs?
  8. increase cross-functional collaboration to improve operational efficiency?
  9. establish thought leadership in an area where we are not traditionally well-regarded?
  10. create an engaging and relevant communications strategy for a product launch?