We are driven by success.
We collaborate closely with clients

We enable brands to realise their communications strategy through smart, data-fuelled content

We form creative partnerships with brands and PR & media professionals in developing insights-generated content to support strategic and tactical communications campaigns.

Our research can be designed to strengthen your earned and owned social media content, brand marketing activities, reputation management responses, traditional media and public relations
outreach – providing timely and relevant data to support your goals.

We can work with you in a number of ways:

  • Customised and Omnibus Research

    From briefing to brainstorming through questionnaire design, we collaborate to uncover the stories which support your communications goals. Our consumer and business-to-business research is delivered in an easy-to-navigate report, highlighting the statistics we know will get you attention.

  • Data Mining and Data Journalism

    In-depth exploration of databases, where we look for stories in our clients’ existing data sets, uncovering the hidden messages behind the numbers. The perfect blend of science and art, data journalism is another way of using our ‘big data’ skills to get you noticed.

  • Zeitgeist

    Zeitgeist offers a mutually beneficial relationship with journalists and not-for-profit organisations with a regular poll of the Australian public on a range of current socio-economic and political topics. If you’re interested in finding out more, please contact us at zeitgeist@lonergan.team

  • Vox Pops

    Vox pops bring stories and storytellers to life. Perfect for social media and TVCs, vox pops are a great way of amplifying your message. We can source participants or talk to people in the street. We offer experienced interviewers, audio/video recording, transcription services, video editing and digital file transfer.